eMental Health Seminar: Opportunities for the Third Sector

On the 18th of February, Mental Health Reform hosted the seminar “eMental Health: Opportunities for the Third Sector

This seminar addressed the opportunities eMental Health presents for third sector organisations in the mental health field.​

About this seminar

Themes included ways that existing eMental Health applications can enhance the mental services and supports provided by the third sector, as well as ways the sector can be to the fore in driving innovation in development of new eMental Health applications and tools. It also provoked discussion about integration of (e)Mental Health services, clear pathways and engagement with users.

The seminar programme included a number of international and Irish experts and practitioners in the eMental Health field. International experts from the eMEN project will present examples of eMental Health products from other countries, including online CBT, tools for PTSD, and large-scale population-based approaches to suicide prevention. Speakers from Irish third sector organisations presented examples of how they are already using eMental Health in their work.

What is eMental Health?

‘eMental Health’ is the umbrella term now commonly utilised for the broad spectrum of technology-supported mental health services and supports that have emerged in recent years. Examples include online counselling and therapy sessions, online CBT programmes, crisis text services, and peer support through online groups, as well as a rapidly evolving array of applications using virtual reality, serious gaming and other tools.


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