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Our campaigns help us to work towards our vision of an Ireland where everyone can access the support they need in their community to achieve their best possible mental health.

Through your action we can help make that vision a reality. 

How can you get involved? 

There are many ways to be part of our campaigns – some take just a few minutes to do.

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Our Campaigns

I Am A Reason

  • We called on the Government to resource Ireland’s mental health services for Budget 2024, by reminding them that we all have a reason to invest in mental health. We all are a reason to invest in mental health.
  • #IAmAReason #Budget2024
  • Read more here

Cost of Waiting

  • We urged the Government to address the shortfalls in mental health services provision, and warned of the “shadow pandemic” of mental health in a post-restriction Ireland.
  • #CostOfWaiting #Budget2023
  • Read more here

Resource Rebuild Reform

  • We called on the Government to place mental health at the centre of COVID-19 recovery.
  • #ResourceRebuildReform #Budget2022
  • Read more here

We do not receive any funding for our campaigns, they rely on your generosity to happen. We would greatly appreciate if you would be in a position to support us through fundraising. 

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