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Our campaigns rely on generous donations like yours to help us work towards an Ireland where people can access the support they need in their community to achieve their best possible mental health.

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More ways to donate

You can donate by cheque, using the details below: 

  • Payable to: Mental Health Reform
  • Post to: Mental Health Reform, Coleraine House, Coleraine Street, Dublin 7

Be sure to get in touch with us, if you are donating by cheque so we can thank you personally and stay in touch. 

If you are an Irish taxpayer and you donate a total of €250 or more in a calendar year, the value of your donation can increase at no additional cost to you.

Simply download and complete a CHY3 Form and return it to us by post.

Criteria for Tax Relief Giving: 

  • Donated €250 or more to Mental Health Reform in one calendar year within the last four years
  • Been PAYE or self-assessed for donations in the last 4 years onwards
  • You directly made the donation to Mental Health Reform (rather than collected donations from others, took part in a raffle, or sponsored someone else’s fundraising for us)

For example, if you have donated €250 in one year this could be worth €362.50 to Mental Health Reform, at no extra cost to you.

For more information on Tax Relief Giving, you can contact the Mental Health Reform office.

If you are making a donation to us by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Tax Relief giving, please do contact the office on 01- 874 9468 or mail 

As the national coalition on mental health, Mental Health Reform will continue to campaign for a better social support system for people with mental health difficulties.

Our public campaigns rely on your donation.

With your donation, we can help create an Ireland where people can access the support they need to achieve their best possible mental health. 
Looking for ideas on fundraising for Mental Health Reform? Click the link to take a look at our Fundraising Webpage
You can read our Donor Charter by clicking this link: Donor Charter

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