Social Prescribing

During our Coalition Conversations webinar on Social Prescribing and Mental Health, Mental Health Reform launched a briefing document entitled “Social Prescribing and the Voluntary and Community Mental Health Sector“.

Social prescribing is a service aimed at adults who may experience social isolation and loneliness such as older age groups, people with chronic health problems and people with mental health difficulties and psychosocial needs. The HSE is currently expanding social prescribing across Ireland to ensure the service is available in every county by the end of 2023.

This briefing document seeks to explore the impact of and barriers to implementation of social prescribing in Ireland, particularly as it relates to the voluntary and community mental health sector and recovery focused mental health care.

The document offers recommendations on how social prescribing can be prioritised and advanced, as well as the perspectives of some of the voluntary and community mental health sector on social prescribing.


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