Frontline Screener

Frontline Screener is funded by Rethink Ireland, Social Innovation Fund.

‘Frontline Screener’ is a new MHR innovation project that enhances utilisation of eMental health via development and piloting of a digital screening tool for trauma related and other mental health difficulties. Through our engagement with international partners in the eMEN project, we have developed links with centres of expertise in psycho-trauma in the Netherlands. These partners have produced a number of online screening tools for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in this area, including MIRROR and SAM.

MHR has identified potential and interest in the homeless sector and partnered with Dublin Simon Community. The project is exploring feasibility of utilisation of a digital screening tool (for trauma related and other mental health conditions) with their frontline staff and clients. The project has been granted 1 year funding from Rethink Ireland Social Innovation Fund.

PTSD screening is an important issue in the homeless sector given that trauma (e.g. experiencing or witnessing violence, sexual assault etc) and associated mental health difficulty is much more common than amongst the general public. It can be a factor contributing to homelessness and also be more likely because of homelessness. As well as an issue for homeless persons, frontline staff working with homeless persons are also at risk from direct and indirect (vicarious) trauma. For both groups, the COVID-19 pandemic also presents additional risks of trauma-related and other mental health difficulties.


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