Ireland’s new mental health policy must be matched by action

Mental Health Reform, has today welcomed the publication of Ireland’s new mental health policy, Sharing the Vision – a Mental Health Policy for Everyone. The policy, launched today by Ministers Harris and Daly sets out a number of progressive shifts for Ireland’s mental health system. Welcoming the publication of the policy, CEO of Mental Health Reform, Fiona Coyle, … Read more

Clear cross-party support for immediate publication of the refresh of A Vision for Change

There is clear support for immediate publication of the refresh of A Vision for Change across the Dáil. The mental health policy is critical to Programme for Government talks and post-COVID-19 planning. Today, Mental Health Reform sent this to Ministers Harris and Daly, co-signed by cross-party TD’s. “Dear Ministers Harris and Daly, Following Minister Harris’ … Read more

Call for Special Committee on COVID-19 Response to make mental health a priority

Today, the Special Committee on COVID-19 Response will meet. Mental Health Reform has leveraged strong cross-party support for need to immediately publish new the refresh of A Vision for Change. Publishing A Vision for Change, the national mental health policy, is essential part of making mental health a priority in Government response to COVID-19 and … Read more

Urgent need for Deprivation of Liberty safeguards

Mental Health Reform has called for the urgent need for a time frame for the completion of the drafting of the Deprivation of Liberty safeguards (DOLs) so that people can feel protected accessing mental health services. It was originally proposed the DOLs would be introduced under the Disability (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2016 at Committee stage. Subsequently, … Read more


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