Ireland’s new mental health policy must be matched by action

Mental Health Reform, has today welcomed the publication of Ireland’s new mental health policy, Sharing the Vision – a Mental Health Policy for Everyone. The policy, launched today by Ministers Harris and Daly sets out a number of progressive shifts for Ireland’s mental health system.

Welcoming the publication of the policy, CEO of Mental Health Reform, Fiona Coyle, said,

“Today’s publication opens a new chapter for Ireland’s mental health system. Sharing the Vision has been long anticipated and has involved the work and input of Mental Health Reform, along with many of our 75 member organisations ” 

Ms Coyle continued, “This policy sets out a progressive framework for delivering better mental health services.  If properly resourced and delivered this policy can have a transformative impact on our mental health system, meaning people can get access to the support they need in their community to achieve their best possible mental health.

In particular we welcome the focus on outcomes and the much greater emphasis on needs of the population and the people who use services.  The implementation plan is important to measure what matters the most- the improvement of people’s lives” 

With regards to the link with the draft Programme for Government. Ms Coyle commented; 

“Mental Health Reform are very encouraged to see commitments to implement the new policy featured in the draft Programme for Government. However, it is a huge concern that no funding commitments have been made, and these must now follow.”

Ms Coyle concluded, “Delivering this policy will require strong political leadership, consistent funding and a whole of government approach, so that issues do not fall between the cracks.  Mental Health Reform believes that a Super Junior Minster for Mental Health is needed in the next Government to take political responsibility for the implementation of the policy and deliver a modern and progressive mental health system.”

Mental Health Reform would like to thank the Chairperson of the Oversight Group, Hugh Kane, that fed into the development of the policy for his excellent work, as well as Ministers Harris and Daly for their leadership in bringing the document forward.




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