MHR welcome the Mental Health Commission’s Strategic Plan

Picture of John Farrelly, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Commission and Shari McDaid, Director of Mental Health Reform, holding a copy of the Mental Health Commissions publication, "Protecting People's Rights"

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health, has today welcomed the human rights emphasis in the Mental Health Commission’s Strategic Plan, launched this morning.

Speaking about the launch, Director of Mental Health Reform, Shari McDaid, said, “We are really encouraged to see the prioritisation of human rights in the Mental Health Commission’s Strategic Plan today. We strongly support their call for the regulation of community based residences and services, which was recommended by the Expert Group on review of the Mental Health Act as far back as 2015. The legislation for full reform of the Mental Health Act needs to be urgently published to give effect to important changes that will protect people’s fundamental rights and finally bring Ireland up to standard with international human rights norms.”

Dr.McDaid concluded, “The Mental Health Commission is a pillar for the protection of human rights for people with mental health difficulties in Ireland. We hope that their continued efforts will bring services, who have been allowed to continue operating despite persistent lack of compliance, up to standard, so that people can feel safe and secure accessing the vital supports they require.”



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