Vision, Mission and Values

Strategic Plan Update 2015-17

Vision statement

An Ireland where people experiencing mental health difficulties can recover their well-being and live a full life in their community.

Mission statement

Mental Health Reform aims to be the unifying voice that drives progressive reform of mental health supports in Ireland.


Our core values are a set of fundamental principles which we commit to applying in all our work and relationships:

• Best international standards and human rights norms

We will consistently invoke best international standards and human rights norms as the benchmark we expect all parties to aspire to and progressively deliver.

• Equitable access to high quality mental health services

We promote a model of health and social care where everyone has equal access to affordable, sustainable and high quality, primary care and recovery oriented mental health services.

• Empowerment of individuals and mobilisation of local communities

We operate from a conviction that the views and active participation of the person who experiences mental health difficulties and their support networks are pivotal to achieving best outcomes and that integrated services at local community level constitute the best enabling context

• Independence and integrity

Our authority stems from our independence. We campaign with integrity demonstrating respect for all stakeholders and without fear or favour.

• Focus on value-added activity

Our focus is on activity that adds distinctive value to the work of the members and avoids duplication of their efforts.

• Financial stewardship

We will operate efficiently, making best use of the resources entrusted to us.

• Accountability

We will be accountable for our effectiveness to our members via the Board with timely, accurate and comprehensive information.


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