Mental health charities facing surge in demand for under-resourced services due to COVID-19

Today, we launch a report detailing the impact of COVID-19 on our member organisations. The report has found that many mental health charities and service providers have experienced significant increases in demand for their services, whilst also facing considerable challenges in meeting this demand alongside reductions in fundraising income. “The findings of our survey demonstrate … Read more

People with mental health difficulties must have their rights respected

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health, is today reacting with concern to the Mental Health Commission’s annual report for 2019. “The Mental Health Commission’s annual report marks another year where we have failed to make a meaningful impact on the delivery of fundamental improvements in mental health services in Ireland. Behind every … Read more

Strong public support for increased State investment in Ireland’s mental health services

Report finds strong public support for increased State investment in Ireland’s mental health services [Image Description: Photo of Kevin Cullen (WRC), Shari McDaid (Mental Health Reform), and Kieran O’ Leary (Ipsos) outside of Dáil Éireann, holding copies of the “Public Attitudes to Investment in Mental Health” report.] Survey results published today show strong public support … Read more


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