Ruling against HSE a wake-up call for mental health services

Mental Health Reform notes the ruling of the Kilkenny District Court against the Health Service Executive in a prosecution brought by the Mental Health Commission. During the proceedings, the Assistant Inspector for Mental Health Services said in relation to the inpatient conditions described that they were “contrary to everything a hospital should stand for”.

Commenting, Director of Mental Health Reform, Shari McDaid, said, “This is a very sad day for mental health services in Ireland, the first occasion that the Mental Health Commission has found it necessary to bring a case against the HSE for non-compliance with the regulations under the Mental Health, 2001. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect for their human rights when in inpatient units. There is an urgent need to ensure that people in hospital for mental health care can have their voice heard so that issues can be raised and dealt with at an early stage. For this reason, the Government must quickly publish the legislation to update Ireland’s Mental Health Act, 2001 which will strengthen the protection of people’s rights in mental health services.”



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