Mental Health Reform welcomes publication of report by Seanad Committee on children’s mental health services

Mental Health Reform welcomes publication of report by Seanad Committee on childrens mental health services

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health, today welcomed the publication of the Seanad Public Consultation Committee’s report on children’s mental health services. The report follows a number of public hearings held by the Committee which sought the views of a range of key stakeholders, including parents, mental health groups and professional associations. 

Speaking at the launch today, Director of Mental Health Reform, Shari McDaid, said,

“In publishing this report today, the Committee has put a spotlight on some of the significant difficulties children and young people have in accessing mental health services in Ireland. We see again, for example, the urgent need for 24/7 crisis mental health services for children and young people being raised, which is of serious concern. This report is based on the lived experience of those who attempt to access Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and therefore it is extremely important that we pay attention to the recommendations that have been laid out.”

Dr. McDaid continued, “The significant work of the Committee members, including Chairman Paul Coghlan, and in particular the Rapporteur of the Committee Senator Joan Freeman, in bringing this report to fruition must be acknowledged. Mental Health Reform has long called for the improvement of mental health services and supports for children and young people in Ireland and is looking forward to continuing to work with Government and its agencies on improving the mental health outcomes of Ireland’s young people.”


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