Mental Health Amendment Bill to go to Report and Final Stage in Dáil on Friday 14th July

Mental Health Amendment Bill to go to Report and Final Stage in Dáil on Friday 14th July

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health, welcomes the progress of the Mental Health (Amendment) Bill to report and final stage in the Dáil scheduled for Friday, 14th July at 10.00am.

Referring to the Bill, Shari McDaid, Director of Mental Health Reform said, “People who need inpatient treatment for acute mental distress cannot wait any longer for their rights to be protected. The Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2017, needs to be passed in the Oireachtas as swiftly as possible.”

Dr. McDaid continued, “It is vital that mental health service users are reassured about their rights when in hospital so that they can confidently seek help. Successive Governments have repeatedly failed to meet their own timetable for updating the Mental Health Act, 2001. A recent evaluation of involuntary detention commissioned by the Mental Health Commission has shown that some service users feel coerced, disempowered and unsupported when being admitted to a psychiatric inpatient unit and that this had a long-term negative impact on their recovery. The Dáil now has the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives by passing this Bill. Furthermore, the Government must now move to publish the full legislation to update the Act to give effect to the recommendations of the Expert Group as only then will mental health service users’ rights be fully protected.”

About Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform is the national coalition promoting improved mental health services and the social inclusion of people with mental health difficulties. The coalition currently has 59 member organisations. See for more details. Mental Health Reform acknowledges the support of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government’s Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019.

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Notes for Editors:

Mental Health Reform’s briefing note on the Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2017 is available at


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