Lisa & Julie’s 50KM Challenge

What a challenge!

Lisa and Julie took on an incredible  56KM hike in France, in support of Mental Health Reform.

The trek began on July 6th in Vallée de la Thur, France. Overall, Julie and Lisa completed 62KM in just 19 hours – an incredible achievement!

98,379 steps consisted of 19 hours of hiking through leafy trees in the sunshine ☀️

and greeting the happy cows on hilltops🐄

to struggling downhill on rough terrain during thunderstorms in the dark of night, 62km were accomplished! 🙌

Thank you to everyone for their support and generosity raising over €500 for Mental Health Reform 💚


From everyone in Mental Health Reform, we are so thankful for all of your support, Lisa and Julie! A huge thanks as well to all those who have supported you through your fundraising page.

Your support will help to continue the campaign work for better mental health services for everyone in Ireland.


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