Announcement of Directorate for Mental Health Extremely Welcome – Mental Health Reform

National umbrella organisation for mental health, Mental Health Reform, has welcomed the announcement of a Director for Mental Health as part of the new governance structures within the HSE. The new Directorate structure shows clear identification of mental health as a definitive area of priority for this Government. “Mental Health Reform has campaigned for a Directorate of Mental Health … Read more

Ward Closure shows Seriousness of Moratorium Impact on Mental Health Services

The ward closure in St Brendan’s is a sign of the seriousness the impact of the staff moratorium is having on the mental health services, national umbrella organisation for mental health, Mental Health Reform, has said. The group called for an exemption of the moratorium as well as funding to restore lost posts in the … Read more

Directorate needed to ensure €35m spent as intended – Mental Health Reform

The national umbrella group for mental health, Mental Health Reform, has broadly welcomed the Government’s commitment to invest €35 million to develop community mental health services but warned that the money could be lost without the appointment of a Directorate of Mental Health Services. “It is clear that An Taoiseach, the Minister for Health and … Read more


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