Cuts to mental health will lead to system collapse

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition of organisations promoting better mental health services, has warned that any further cuts to mental health will lead to a complete collapse of the mental health services.

In response to Minister Reilly’s list of “nuclear options” which include a cut of up to €35 million to the mental health services, Mental Health Reform Director Orla Barry said: “Mental health services are already on their knees. They are creaking under the pressure all over the country. Any further cuts and the system is in danger of collapsing completely. ”

“Withdrawing this funding would put much needed modernisation of the mental health services at risk. Minister Lynch has said that a National Directorate for Mental Health Services would depend on her getting the money. If €35 million are cut we are going to go backwards”, Ms Barry warned.

“With Budget 2012 increasing financial pressure for people to such a huge extent, people’s mental health also comes under more pressure. When the services are not in place to deal with this, then Ireland faces a real problem.”, Ms Barry continued.

“Mental Health Reform strongly warns the Government against any short sighted cuts that will cost the state more in the long-term and urges people to voice their concerns in this regard with their local TDs”, Ms Barry concluded.



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