eMental Health Products: Expressions of Interest

eMental Health Products: Expressions of Interest 

Mental Health Reform is the Irish partner on an exciting new e-mental health project taking place across North-West Europe. The eMEN project seeks to further the use of e-mental health apps to give improved access to services, prevent more serious illness developing and reduce overall economic burden of mental health difficulties.

Mental Health Reform is seeking expressions of interest from suitable software vendors engaged in the development of e-mental health applications and able (according to the criteria in the table below) to participate in our testing programme in several countries across Europe. If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please send a submission, indicating briefly the extent of your fulfilment of the criteria, to mhanratty@mentalhealthreform.combinedmedia.com

Closing date for submissions is Friday, November 25th 2016 at 5pm GMT

Criteria Detail
Mental Health Category Depression, Anxiety, PTSD (Any one or more of these)
Usage type Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, Aftercare (Any one or more of these)
IT Platform Web based solution optimised for laptops (Windows), tablets & Smartphones (iOS & Android) (All)
User Experience Easy to use, Understandable, Clear instructions, Personalisable, Overall style appropriate to user (All)
Development Stage Research based, Early Market ready, Good initial results (All)
Scalability Interoperability with Healthcare Systems
Safety & Security Standards based security
Languages Localised in major European languages.  (Min 3 of IE, UK, FR, DE, BE, NL)
Sustainability Your organisation has sustainable business model and capacity to engage in eMEN project.

In addition, products that meet the following specific functionality are preferred:

Criteria Detail
Social Interaction Peer support
User Empowerment User has full control over use of App and their related recovery
Support User has access to peer support but also clinician support when necessary
Personalisable User has product personalised to their needs(mentioned above)



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