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Are you interested in mental health and digital innovation?

Do you have a strong interest in the Mental Health sector or a particular expertise/experience that is relevant to the success of the eMEN project? Are you willing to engage in the various debates generated about eMental Health through newsletters, blogs, events and publications and willing to attend seminars and conferences?

We are looking for the following groups to participate in eMEN:

  • Service users – people with lived experience of mental health difficulties
  • Families, friends and carers of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties
  • Service providers (in public, voluntary and community, and private sectors)
  • Health and social care professionals
  • Policy makers
  • SMEs and e-developers


  • Enhanced knowledge and practical guidance about the implementation of eMental Health in services (including clinical governance, quality assurance, technical infrastructure, financing, data protection)
  • All stakeholders will be made aware of the seminar schedule and themes and invited to attend. At all the events in Ireland there will be an opportunity to meet other eMEN partners from other countries
  • Access to international eMental Health innovation, testing and implementation
  • Knowledge exchange and network development with eMental Health leaders
  • Opportunities to co-create the development of eMental Health in Ireland and across the European Union
  • Support to develop the capability of health and social care workforces
  • More effective and large scale take-up of eMental Health therapy
  • A sustainable eMental Health policy agenda and business plan for the Government
  • Enterprise opportunities for SMEs and e-developers

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