Tender for Project Evaluation

Mental Health Reform is seeking a suitably qualified consultant to evaluate a community mental health pilot project.

1. Introduction

Mental Health Reform (MHR) is Ireland’s leading national coalition on mental health. Our vision is of an Ireland where everyone can access the support they need in their community, to achieve their best possible mental health.

In line with this vision, we drive the progressive reform of mental health services and supports, through coordination and policy development, research and innovation, accountability and collective advocacy. Together with our 77 member organisations and thousands of individual supporters, MHR provides a unified voice to Government, its agencies, the Oireachtas and the general public on mental health issues.

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2. Pilot Project Background

In 2019, the Community Foundation for Ireland generously funded an MHR community mental health pilot project in the Midwest of Ireland, which focused on building strong local activism for improvements in mental health services. The HSE area covered for this pilot was CHO area 3 encompassing Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

The project involved training and coordinating communities of people across the Midwest to speak out for better mental health services, by engaging with mental health services management and other local stakeholders including politicians, local media and members of the public. The aim of the project was to build local leadership and support to build a strategic reform agenda at local level, linked to the national reform programme of MHR. The pilot would then be reviewed for effectiveness with the potential to roll this model out to other regions. Through funding a Community Development Worker was hired to deliver this project.

3. Pilot Project and COVID-19

The project commenced in 2019 and is due to be completed by December 2021. After 9 months of the project, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a change to the initial project plan, with the project operating for 19 months within COVID-19 restrictions. The long-term impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on society is still uncertain. It is in this context that the following goals were identified for the project from April 2020 to present. The goals included the following:

• Coordinate MHR members in the region and members of the public in a collaborative response to COVID-19 and the broader mental health crisis
• Support communities to stay connected by sparking conversations around mental health
• Drive political accountability by calling for a rapid and comprehensive response to mental health in the aftermath of COVID-19
• Empower people to speak out for better mental health services in their community
• Gather data on the impact of COVID-19 on individuals and organisations to provide an evidence base for national mental health advocacy

4. Objectives of Consultancy

MHR wishes to engage a consultant to;

• Undertake an evaluation of MHR’s Mid-West project specifically looking at the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of this pilot during the COVID-19 pandemic
• Assess relevance of this project on MHR’s membership
• Develop recommendations to support MHR in the potential development of regional community based work

Specific questions which could be explored include;
• What have been the key outcomes, outputs and achievements; what was successful, and why, and what was not successful, and why not?
• Was the capacity and structure of MHR sufficient to deliver on this pilot?
• Were resources used well? Could things have been done differently and how?
• What resources are required to ensure the legacy of this project?
• Can this project be replicated in other regions?

5. Methodology

We expect the methodology to include a combination of desk research as well as interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.

6. Consultant Specifications

The person or people hired to undertake this consultancy should possess the following qualifications and skills, at a minimum:

• Experience in conducting evaluations of programmes demonstrated through the provision of previous evaluation reports
• Demonstrate an understanding of and have experience working with NGOs
• Strong writing and communication skills
• Strong relationship management skills
• Adherence to agreed-upon timeframes and deadlines.

7. Timeframe

The work should commence in November 2021 and be completed within 2 months.

8. Tender Process

Tendering organisations or individuals must submit a tender document in the following format and order:
• Description of the proposed methodology
• Detailed breakdown of costs and timeline
• Details of previous experience indicating relevance to area
• Profile or CV of the individual/organisation
• Samples of previous work and contact details of two recent clients

9. Assessment of Tender

Each tender will be assessed on the basis of:
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the brief
• Proven track record
• Experience in relevant methodologies
• Knowledge and experience of working with multi-agency groups and key stakeholders
• Cost

10. Further Information
A valid tax clearance certificate must be supplied when an invoice is submitted for payment. Proof of public liability insurance must be included with the tender.

11. Budget Available
The total budget for this work is up to €7,000. The Consultant will be responsible for all tax, VAT and other associated liabilities.

12. How to Apply
Tenders should be submitted to Wendy Mitchell – info@mentalhealthreform.ie by close of business on Tuesday, 02nd November 2021. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address.


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