Slaintecare Does Not go far Enough for Mental Health

Mental Health Reform express concerns at the low priority given to mental health in the ‘Slaintecare Implementation and Action Plan 2021 to 2023’, launched 12th May, 2021.

Under Sláintecare recommendations, the government has set a target for mental health funding to be at 10% of overall health expenditure by 2025. The current Action Plan outlines the additional €23million allocated to progress Ireland’s mental health policy Sharing the Vision. This allocation comes to 1.9% of the total €1.235billion Sláintecare Reform Budget for 2021.

Fiona Coyle, CEO says,
“As a progression towards building a fit for purpose health system where everyone has equitable access to services and supports, the Slaintecare Implementation and Action Plan is an important step.

However, we express concern that improving access and outcomes in mental health does not receive sufficient attention. Addressing the mental health needs of our nation requires significant political prioritisation and investment – this is a missed opportunity.

Our government must take steps to provide parity of esteem for mental health. Slaintecare aims to progress to a healthcare system where everyone has equitable access to services, based on need. To realise that aim it is essential that sufficient investment in both resources and leadership, be allocated to mental health services.”


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