Today we mark 1st April by sharing a number of key facts and statistics about mental health. Along with SpunOut.ie,  NWCIFLAC, Immigrant Council of IrelandPavee PointInclusion IrelandEAPNERA,MRCI and Open we’ll be starting the #NotAnAprilFool conversation.

Follow the conversation by following @MHReform on Twitter, or by checking out the hashtag #NotAnAprilFool. Here’s what we’ll be saying:

Higher rate of #mentalhealth difficulties among young people in Ireland than in Europe or USA. #NotAnAprilFool http://bit.ly/1ohp8kz

Waiting lists for child and adolescent #mentalhealth services up 24% in 2013. #NotAnAprilFool http://bit.ly/1rX3RvG

27 people were given electro-convulsive therapy against their consent in 2012. #NotAnAprilFool http://bit.ly/1gGVY9f

1 in 7 adults will experience a mental health difficulty in a year. #NotAnAprilFool http://bit.ly/1gGXEjb

Mental health difficulties cost the Irish economy around 2 %, approx. €2.5 billion, of GNP annually. http://bit.ly/MHR2011 #NotAnAprilFool


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