Mental Health Reform x GW

We are delighted to announce the creative partnership Mental Health Reform x GW

“My design is inspired by the mental health journeys we experience in life.
The words I wrote reflect the natural flow of our thoughts, feelings and emotions which can take us along wild paths. Above all, I wanted to create something that hopefully, in some way, helps people feel like they are not alone in their journeys.”, Gael Welstead, Designer.

My mind is a landscape,
There are rugged mountains to climb,
The rivers meander just so,
And it’s all mine.

Across Ireland, we are seeing more people reach out for support of their mental health. The current pandemic impacts us all through loss, isolation and changes to our everyday lives.

Now, more than ever, we need to look after our mental health and support must be there for us when we need it.

Photo of person wearing t-shirt

“Mental Health affects all of us to some degree. Placing difficult times within a bigger picture and separating them from the self can be really helpful. I hope this analogy helps others.”

“That is why all profit from my t-shirts will go directly to improving mental health supports for everyone in Ireland. I have chosen Mental Health Reform as my charity because of their work in helping people achieve their best possible mental health.”, Gael.

Our sincere thanks to the brilliant, supportive and creative Gael who has designed this wonderful piece specifically for this project. Not only has Gael designed this piece but also wrote the poetic and evocative words which speaks to many people’s experience of their mental health.

Be sure to order yours today as t-shirts will only be on sale for two weeks. We hope that you like the t-shirts as much as we do!


  • T-shirts are £18 each (not including shipping/ delivery).
  • 100% of proceeds from sales go to Mental Health Reform.
  • T-shirts are available to buy from 19/08/2020 – 02/09/2020 and orders will be shipped after 02/09/2020.
  • Sales are managed through which empowers creators, supports social enterprise and promotes sustainability to support causes for the common good.

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