Mental Health Reform welcomes Government approval of the heads of Bill to amend the Mental Health Act

On 13th July 2021, Mental Health Reform welcomed the Government approval of the heads of Bill to amend the Mental Health Act.

Speaking about the decision, our CEO, Fiona Coyle, said:

“We welcome the important step taken by the Government to approve Ireland’s new mental health law. There is an urgent need to reform the Mental Health Act, 2001 to protect the rights of people receiving mental health treatment and care in hospital. This decision represents a critical moment for the future of mental health services in Ireland.

For the past six years, Mental Health Reform has advocated for reform of the Mental Health Act in line with Expert Group recommendations. Due to gaps in the legislation, the Act is significantly out of line with international human rights standards. Consequently, many people using mental health services feel that they are not being treated with dignity and respect.

There is broad consensus that we need a rights-based and partnership approach to mental health service delivery. This requires fit-for-purpose legislation that protects the rights of the most vulnerable in our society.

Over the coming months, we look forward to working with our members, services users, and their families, friends, carers, and supporters to review the heads of Bill when published. This is an important first step, but we need to ensure that the development of the Bill is prioritised. Together, we will help to promote the delivery of better mental health services and supports for people in Ireland.”

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