Mental Health absent from Winter Plan

Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health, has today expressed it’s serious concern about the absence of mental health in the HSE’s Winter Plan for 2020. The coalition, which represents over 70 organisations working in the mental health sector, has highlighted increasing demand for services which could increase further over the difficult winter months.

CEO of Mental Health Reform, Fiona Coyle, said,

“The mental health sector expected to see funding for mental health services provided for in the HSE’s Winter Plan. The focus in the Winter Plan on keeping people with physical health needs out of hospital beds is welcome and understandable. However, keeping people with mental health difficulties out of hospital should also be an integral part of the plan.

Community mental health services and supports are critically under-resourced yet they are imperative in preventing people being admitted to hospital for mental health treatment. These have not been funded in the Winter Plan.

Over the tough winter months ahead, when access to mental health service can become even more difficult for people, we believe the lack of additional resources for services in this Winter Plan will have a negative impact both on individuals and acute services. The Government must address this glaring oversight in the winter Plan by substantially boosting investment in mental health in budget 2021”


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