Government must not miss opportunity to prepare mental health system

Today, Mental Health Reform told the Oireachtas Sub-Committee on Mental Health that the Government must seize the opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to prioritise mental health services and supports, or risk significant shortfall as the long term mental health impact of the pandemic sets in.

“COVID-19 is a mental health emergency as well as a physical health one. There is a deep and growing concern that the largest and longest term consequence of this pandemic will be felt in the significant mental health impact in the months and years ahead. The Government must seize the opportunity now to strengthen our mental health services and supports and resource them to meet current and emerging need.”, Fiona Coyle, CEO.

“Successive Governments have failed to provide adequate resources for Ireland’s mental health services, resulting in serious underdeveloped over many decades. While its positive to see a political spotlight being placed on the nations mental health this must be matched by action. The strengthening of our mental health services need to be prioritised and placed at the very heart of COVID-19 recovery planning.  This includes ensuring increased investment as demand grows and the prioritisation the implementation of our new national mental health policy, Sharing the Vision.” Fiona Coyle.


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