E-action – two weeks and counting

It is now two weeks since we asked you to email your local TDs to urge them to check the plan for community mental health services in your area over the summer, and to ensure that the promised new staff are in place by September. So far, 425 emails have been sent to politicians all across the country and we hope that many more will be sent between now and the resumption of the Dáil on 18th September.

Our e-action asks TDs to prioritise mental health this summer and to ensure that the Government’s commitment to hiring 370 much-needed staff for community mental health teams for children, adolescents and adults does not waver. If you haven’t contacted your local representatives yet, please take a minute to do this. If you have already taken the e-action, did you hear back from your local TD? Please let us know what they said.

We were pleased to see coverage of our “A Vision for Change” giant postcard in Monaghan Life, on the Breaking News website, on the Irish Examiner website, on the Newstalk website (including an interview with MHR’s Orla Barry) and on the irishhealth.com website. The story was even picked up by a New Zealand news website.

Please continue to spread the word about the campaign by sending the e-action link  http://bit.ly/nEdhmV  to your contacts and posting it on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your support so far!


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