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Boxing Legend Michael Carruth and European bronze medallist Eric Donovan are urging people to fight for mental health and stop further cuts to the mental health budget by signing Mental Health Reform’s online petition 

At the launch at Leinster House this morning, Olympic Gold medalist Carruth said: “This is your chance to let top politicians know that you will not tolerate more cuts to the mental health budget.  Mental health has suffered enough already. More people are seeking professional support to help them deal with the added pressures of the recession, but at the same time the mental health services have less staff than ever”.

At the launch, Donovan called to action: “We have to make sure that people get the help they need when they are in crisis. Sign this petition and let our Ministers know they will not get away with further mental health cuts – Join the Fight for Mental Health“.

For more information call Natalie Buhl, Mental Health Reform on            085 744 66 96      .

Pictures from the launch have been issued to the news desk by Conor McCabe.

Notes to the Editor:

Mental Health Reform is the national coalition of organisations promoting improved mental health services.

The Petition went live this morning on Text from the petition:

Dear Taoiseach, Minister for Finance, Minister for Health and Minister for Mental Health,

I am fighting for mental health. You must ensure that the number of mental health staff in Budget 2012 is held at the HSE level that was in place at the start of 2011. We cannot afford to lose any more staff.

High unemployment and money worries are affecting people’s mental health. More people are looking for help with mental health difficulties but the mental health system is already cracking under the pressure.

Ireland is 20- 30 years behind what is international good practice. If you do not protect mental health staff levels, we will move even further away from a modern system. Fight for mental health in Budget 2012 – keep the number of staff at the HSE level that was in place at the start of 2011.

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