Local Elections – Tweet your Candidate!

Social media can be a really fast and easy way to contact your local candidates about an issue that concerns you.

We’re bringing the 4MentalHealth campaign to Twitter. Use the hashtag #4MentalHealth and let’s get Twitter talking.

Use our Contact your Candidate page to find your local candidates, and then search for them on Twitter. If you have an account, you can tweet them with your concerns about mental health. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Will you stand up #4MentalHealth in #LE14? (add candidate’s Twitter name) We need improved community #mentalhealth services for all.
  • Supporting #4MentalHealth in #LE14? (add candidate’s Twitter name) Please commit to funding local community #mentalhealth groups.
  • I’m calling for support #4MentalHealth in #LE14. (add candidate’s Twitter name) Local authorities can play their part.
  • Please show support #4MentalHealth in #LE14. (add candidate’s Twitter name) If elected, will you pass a resolution to support #mentalhealth?

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